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Welcome to Happy Swimmers Fertility

Effective Natural Fertility Treatment for Happy, Healthy Natural Conception

Welcome to Happy Swimmers Fertility – a natural fertility clinic with a difference. How are we different? We focus on one passion alone - the incredible life force of ‘BIRTH’. Your health and happiness is the foundation of our program and with our guidance, we guarantee you will create a receptive environment to conceive naturally. We can even give your family support for healthy pregnancy, birth and post-birth recovery – with you in complete control of your experience at all times and without consuming appointments.


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  • The Real Cost of IVF 24 Jul 14. There is the misconception that IVF will be the ‘magic bullet’ for couples who find they cant conceive naturally. Unfortunately the truth according to the IVF clinics is that only approx 15% of treatments are successful. Yes I know that they advertise up to 40% conception rates, but that’s conception not live birth rates. When choosing IVF as a solution for infertility, a lot of ...
Success Stories
  • Hope for the future

    With many challenges to my health and a miscarriage a few years ago I had been looking for a way to heal and prepare my body to be able to conceive again. I am so excited by what is offered in this program and have already noticed the changes in my health, my relationship and general well being in only a few weeks since starting the Happy Swimmers program. 

  • No chance of natural conception

    We were told there was no possibility of being able to conceive naturally and would have to go through the IVF with ICSI if we wanted to have a baby. Two months on the Happy Swimmers Fertility program and we conceived naturally. Not only that but the changes we have made to our lives going through this program have helped us with our relationship and health in general. 

  • Low sperm count or no sperm count

    On receiving our package from Happy Swimmers we felt so excited and grateful even before opening it.

    The products are beautifully presented and easy to incorporate into our diet.

    We can feel the changes happening already even after a few days.
    Feels so nurturing and loving.
    Thankyou Happy Simmers!

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the only natural fertility solution that uses superfoods

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